Student Support Services
CCI Research Inc. is a full-service Ontario-based survey research firm with over 25 years of experience specializing in survey research, assessments and evaluations for government ministries, educational institutions and organizations, public health units, municipal governments, and both private and publicly-owned business enterprises.
CCI Research has conducted many large multi-institutional projects with colleges, private career colleges and universities, including many provincial projects in the postsecondary education sector in Ontario (e.g., the Student Satisfaction and Engagement survey with college students and the Ontario University Graduate Survey with university students).
Our Student Voices on Sexual Violence project team includes Ted Hodge, CEO and Founder of CCI Research, Dr. Shannon Howell, Director of Research at CCI Research, Dr. Simon Lapierre, Consultant from the University of Ottawa, Dr. Lauren Lichty, Consultant from the University of Washington, and Dr. Pina Pejovic, Quantitative and Qualitative Research Consultant.
In addition to the breadth and depth of experience in the Ontario postsecondary education system brought by CCI Research’s broad range of researchers, data analysts, and survey administrators, it is of note that Dr. Simon Lapierre has conducted research on violence against women for the last 15 years; specifically, his research work investigates different manifestations of violence against women, including domestic, sexual, and structural violence. He publishes, teaches, and is a keynote speaker on the subject.
Dr. Lauren Lichty brings over 14 years of experience in research on the topic of sexual violence and community-based collaboration training and research. Specifically, Lauren has conducted research on gender-based violence, including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and relationship violence, since 2002.
Dr. Pina Pejovic has more than 24 years of experience in both qualitative and quantitative research design. In particular, Pina is a highly experienced qualitative moderator having conducted focus groups with a wide variety of target audiences including welfare recipients, homeless women, youth, students, administrators, union leaders, front-line staff, teaching faculty, clinical faculty, health care professionals, seniors, community leaders, stakeholder groups, injured workers, employers, as well as the general public.
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